When Will the Road Close?


As of Monday, June 2, 35th Ave NE will be CLOSED at NE 107th Street.  This means you must detour around that point by travelling on Lake City Way NE, Ravenna Ave NE or 40th Ave NE.

Preparation work is in process on 35th Ave NE near the Meadowbrook Community Center at 10517 35th Ave NE, to get ready to close 35th Ave NE at that point for the rest of the summer.  Just north of the community center driveway at about NE 107th Street, the South Fork of Thornton Creek crosses under 35th Ave NE in a culvert.  Once the road is closed, creek improvements will be done on both sides of 35th Ave NE and the roadway will be dug up to put in much larger culverts.

Looking east from 35th Ave NE at NE 107th Street we see the old creek channel, a willow tree which has been cut down where the new floodplain will be created, and creek construction work (background) over on 36th Ave NE.

The Confluence Project, now in its third and final year, will create more capacity to handle floodwaters and will improve the creek environment for fish.  Engineering diagrams can be found on the project page.  Utility crews are still at work to redirect electrical wires on either side of the construction area.  The willow tree on the east side of 35th Ave NE has been cut down where a flood plain will be created as a place for allowing more water to spread out.  The channelization walls will be removed so that water can seep naturally down through the new flood plain and the Meadowbrook Pond areas.

As of Monday, June 2, when 35th Ave NE closes at the point of NE 107th Street, the 64 and 65 buses will have to travel over to Lake City Way NE via NE 95th and 110th Streets to get around the closed roadway at Meadowbrook.

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