New Thornton Creek Elementary School Departures Meeting, Tues, June 3rd

Thornton Creek Elementary School Departures Meeting
Tuesday, June 3rd, 6:3oPM
Thornton Creek ES Cafeteria

The City and School District have scheduled a public departures meeting for Tuesday, June 3rd, 6:30PM in the Thornton Creek Elementary School cafeteria.  As it turns out, there is no zone within the Seattle Zoning Code that allows schools.  Therefore, each time a new school is proposed, it has to obtain departures from the zoning code.  The departures meeting allows the public to listen and comment on each departure requested from the District.  A Departures Advisory Committee, which includes community members including the Wedgwood Community Council’s landuse committee chair, has been formed to listen and review the departures.   The Seattle Department of Neighborhoods posted a notice of the public meeting with the following departures being requested by the District:

  1. Greater than allowed building height.
  2. Less than required on-site parking.
  3. Continuation of on-street bus loading and unloading.

If you cannot attend the meeting, you can send comments to the following contact:

Steve Sheppard
Seattle Department of Neighborhoods
700 5th Avenue, Suite 1700
P.O. Box 94649
Seattle, WA 98124-4649

For more information, call Steve Sheppard at 684-0302, or

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