June Classes at the Tool Library

Meet the friendly smiling folks at the NE Seattle Tool Library.

Do you understand electricity?  Do you know how to sharpen garden tools?  Do you believe that your sewing machine can be brought back to life?  These and many other practical questions will be answered at the June 2014 series of classes at the NE Seattle Tool Library, 2415 NE 80th Street.  To register, stop by the Tool Library during open hours, including Tuesday, June 3 for Fixers Collective from 6 to 9 PM; Thursday open hours at the Tool Library 6 to 9 PM; Saturday 9 to 3 and Sunday 2 to 5.

Understanding Electricity – June 7th (3pm-5pm)  Instructor Jim, cost $10.00 limit 6 participants.

Chainsaw Sharpening, Safety, and Use – June 8th (12pm-2pm) Instructor Wes, cost $10.00 limit 8 participants.

Sewing Machine Resurrection – June 22nd (12pm-2pm) … or should I keep the sewing machine which I was given, found or bought used. In depth conversation about bringing that machine back to life. If you have a machine that you have questions about, feel free to bring it along. Hands on help will also be available. Instructor Tomi, cost $10.00 limit 8 participants.

Garden Tool Sharpening – June 29th (12-2pm) Instructor Joel, cost $10.00 limit 8 participants.