All ‘Hoods Welcome at Outdoor Cinema 2014!

If you’re visiting this page from outside of Wedgwood, welcome! You may have seen some nifty signs appear on 35th Avenue this week heralding the summer’s most-anticipated event: Outdoor Cinema 2014. (Or at least one of the most-anticipated events, anyway.)

The festivities at Outdoor Cinema 2014 will begin at 7:30 PM on Saturday, August 2, with live music, food vendors and kids activities.  Be sure to visit the Wedgwood Community Council membership table.  The movie is How to Train Your Dragon, and will begin as soon as it gets dark enough.

The Outdoor Cinema is not just for Wedgwoodians. It’s an opportunity for folks from the surrounding ‘hoods to come and enjoy the awesome Hunter Farm Gathering Space.

Here’s a handy list of a few close Wedgwood neighbors and how to get involved with the one representing you:

And if you live in Wedgwood, here is more info on how you can become a member of the Wedgwood Community Council.  See you on August 2nd!

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