Featured Advertiser: Rxtra Care Pharmacy

Holly Whitcomb Henry, owner of Rxtra Care Pharmacy.

UPDATE: Rxtra Care Pharmacy closed on March 31, 2016 and merged their business with Kelley-Ross Pharmacy Group.

The most important things to know about Rxtra Care Pharmacy at 7317 35th Ave NE are that the business is locally owned and it doesn’t just “fill prescriptions.” Rxtra Care accepts all insurances, offers a range of specialized services, has medical supplies in stock and does customized health education.

Holly Whitcomb Henry, the owner of Rxtra Care, has been committed to the community since she began in 1986. At that time she was one of the owners of View Ridge Pharmacy at the corner of NE 75th Street (present site of Blossoming Buds Child Care.) In 2004 Holly launched Rxtra Care with the goal of offering personalized medications for patients.

Rxtra Care Pharmacy offers specialized patient care in a variety of ways. Rxtra Care is a compounding pharmacy which means they can work with prescribers and patients to produce a custom-made medication. Compounding means that with a prescription, the pharmacist can change the strength of a medication to exact specifications which are not commercially available.

A compounding pharmacy can also change the delivery system of a medication, preparing it in some form other than a pill. This has great advantages for people who are allergic to the preservatives and dyes used in some pills, and children who will not swallow a pill may be given a medication in lollipop form.

Rxtra Care Pharmacy offers personalized medication delivery solutions.

Custom-compounding of medications is a solution often used for veterinary prescriptions. Have you ever tried to give a pill to a cat? It can be almost impossible! Instead of struggling, a compounding pharmacy can put the medicine into an acceptable-to-cats edible substance such as tuna juice. Another specialized delivery system for cats is ear gel by which medications are absorbed through the sensitive membranes of the cat’s ear. Only a compounding pharmacy like Rxtra Care has the ability to tailor-make veterinary medications from a prescription.

Another service offered by Rxtra Care is custom-packaged medications for elderly persons living at home or in a group home. All medications for each day are organized and labeled with date and time instructions, so that the patient need not sort through pill bottles or worry about when to renew the prescriptions.

Rxtra Care at 7317 35th Ave NE, phone 417-8066, is conveniently located on one end of a shopping plaza with parking, anchored by Starbucks at the other end. Rxtra Care’s open hours are Monday through Friday 9 to 7 and Saturday 10 to 5. We thank Holly and her staff for their commitment to the neighborhood and for being a supporting advertiser here on the Wedgwood Community Council page.