A One-Day Park

What can you do in a parking space?  You can create a park for a day on September 19, 2014 from 9 AM to 3 PM, a creative activity to turn parking spaces in Seattle into a temporary art zone, recreational area, non-profit info table or business advertising zone.

PARK(ing) Day happens once a year, on the third Friday in September, and is an opportunity for any Seattleite to temporarily turn parking spaces into parks. The event raises awareness about important issues like creating a walkable, livable, healthy city and can be used by any group to advertise their business or services.

A one-day park is in one or two on-street parking spaces, but cannot be the spaces closest to the corner of a block.   Traffic cones must be used to mark off the one-day park, and there are restrictions on the height of items used in the space.  See the Frequently Asked Questions for guidelines and application info.  Applications are due by August 29.

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