From SPD to Nextdoor

The Seattle Police Department’s Public Affairs will begin posting useful public safety information on effective this week.  From crime trends and Blotter articles to Community Policing Microplans, SPD will be sharing information with Seattle Nextdoor users, making it even easier for residents to access public safety content.

SeaStat is SPD’s new data driven approach to addressing crime and disorder issues. Nextdoor users will have an active role helping inform SeaStat, since officer deployment will be based not only on crime data, but also on community feedback.  Look for neighborhood specific surveys on how SPD can improve community safety and police services in the near future.

Conversely, as crime trends are identified and addressed, SPD Public Affairs will work with crime analysts to ensure that relevant information is shared publicly with Nextdoor users. SeaStat is all about prevention, intervention and enforcement, and SPD hopes that Nextdoor users will be able to help reduce crime by actively participating in the SeatStat program.

SPD Public Affairs will post info directly onto one of Seattle’s 193 existing Nextdoor neighborhood groups when news breaks, providing increased access to users in 97% of existing Seattle neighborhoods.  SPD wants to tailor crime reduction strategies not by precinct, sector or beat, but by neighborhood.  Nextdoor users can see and weigh in on these plans before they are finalized.

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