Bike Lanes on Roosevelt Way NE

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is repaving Roosevelt Way NE between Fuhrman Ave NE and NE 65th Street and adding safety improvements, beginning in Autumn 2015 to Spring 2016.   A one-way protected bike lane (PBL) will be added on the west side of Roosevelt Way NE, along with transit reliability improvements and pedestrian improvements.

A protected bike lane on NE 40th Street serves bicyclists entering the UW campus.

Protected bike lanes physically separate people riding bikes from people driving and are distinct from the sidewalk, adding predictability for all travelers.  PBLs are especially attractive to people who might be willing to bike but are concerned about safety.  Better bike lanes can’t solve every problem, but they are one of many tools Seattle can deploy to provide safer, more comfortable facilities to get from one place to another.  The protected bike lane on Roosevelt will look similar to the one shown in the photo above, except it will only be one way southbound.

The city is leveraging a 2015 paving project to create a multi-modal corridor to make bicycling safer and more predictable and add transit improvements along Roosevelt Way NE.  Doing so minimizes construction disruptions and helps meet the goal of providing people with more travel options.

You may ask questions and share your thoughts at one of the information drop-in sessions. You can also read the Questions and Answers.  Next upcoming info sessions will be held on:

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