Movie Mondays

Saddle up your steed and ride over to the University Branch Library at 5009 Roosevelt Way NE.  Beginning on March 30, on Monday nights the library will showcase some of the greatest Western films ever made. This six shooter series covers nearly every important era of the Western, from the genre definers starring John Wayne and Marlene Dietrich to the auteurist appropriations of Robert Altman and Jim Jarmusch. These free shows start weekly at 6 PM. (Please note: there will be no show on Monday, April 20. All are welcome to attend the monthly book club instead!)

March 30Destry Rides Again: James Stewart plays a sheriff sent to clean up the corrupt town of Bottleneck without the use of a gun.

April 6Fort Apache: John Wayne stars as an honorable cavalry man who is at odds with his new superior, a bigoted lieutenant colonel played by Henry Fonda.

April 13: Ride the High Country: Randolph Scott and Joel McCrea must transport gold through treacherous lands in a film that serves as a great bridge to the revisionist Westerns of the 1960s.

eastwoodApril 27: For a Few Dollars More: Clint Eastwood teams up with Lee Van Cleef to track down a sadistic killer in Sergio Leone’s quintessential Spaghetti Western.

May 4: McCabe & Mrs. Miller: Julie Christie and Warren Beatty attempt to build a community in the Pacific Northwest in this funereal “anti-Western”.

May 11: Dead Man: Johnny Depp heads off on a journey to the afterlife with Gary Farmer as his guide in this hypnotic and hilarious film from director Jim Jarmusch.

Not enough Westerns for you?  The library is partnering with Scarecrow Video and they will screen episodes of classic Western television shows every Monday night, immediately after the feature!