Theodora Update

The Theodora is on 35th Ave NE nearest to the corner of NE 68th Street.

The Theodora Home at 6559 35th Ave NE, once a low-income residence for the elderly or disabled, closed in March 2015 after all tenants were relocated.  The building was sold to a private developer who will remodel the interiors to become regular apartments, to be rented at market rate.

Last year the Theodora building was designated as a historic landmark under the criteria of an outstanding work of Northwest Modern architecture.  The Seattle Landmarks Preservation Board specified that the front facade of the building (along 35th Ave NE) with its stained wood siding and glass panels will be preserved.  Some interior areas such as the atrium, fireplace and lounge will be preserved.

The new owner has contracted with an architectural firm to do the remodelling, and with a landscaper who has surveyed the property to see which trees are healthy and to make a plan for freshening the site with new plantings.  All of the remodelling and landscape plans are subject to approval by the Landmarks Preservation Board.

Anticipating the changes to buildings along 35th Ave NE, from 2012 to 2015 the Future of 35th Ave NE Project sought to formulate a plan so that we can “have a say” about the design of buildings in the commercial zones.  As buildings like the Theodora change in use, and as other old buildings are replaced by new ones, zoning needs to be designated for an orderly way of accomplishing the goals of best-use and user-friendly building forms.

The meeting on June 24th will be held at Congregation Beth Shalom on the corner of NE 68th Street directly across 35th Ave NE from the Northeast Branch Library.

The next step in the process is a meeting called by Seattle’s Department of Planning and Development on Wednesday, June 24. Everyone is invited to come out and see how our goals for our neighborhood can be carried out through the process of proper zoning at the commercial intersections of NE 65th, 75th, 85th and 95th Streets.

The meeting on Wednesday, June 24, will begin with Open House at 5:30 with a presentation to follow, at Congregation Beth Shalom, 6800 35th Ave NE, located diagonally across 35th Ave NE from the Theodora at NE 68th Street.

Important: Out of respect for the venue, please do not bring food or beverages into the meeting room on Wednesday evening.

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