Sidewalks for Safe Routes at Wedgwood School

From the front of Wedgwood School looking eastward toward the intersection of 30th Ave NE we see roadwork going on.

Wedgwood Elementary’s Safe Routes to School street improvements have begun construction.  Work is ongoing along NE 85th Street at the intersection of 30th Ave NE, and the construction will affect the traffic circulation patterns once school begins on September 9, 2015.  Parents should stay tuned for directions from Wedgwood Elementary as to drop-off zones.

Students will also be encouraged to walk and bike along newly created routes.  Consider a “walking school bus” which is a group of students accompanied by one or more adults, which gathers more participants along the way.

Originally called the WE CAN project, the funding for sidewalks later became part of SDOT’s Complete the Streets efforts.  The project design connects sidewalks to the south of the Wedgwood School building on 28th Ave NE so that children can safely walk and bike to school.  The project design connects sidewalks at the front of Wedgwood School along NE 85th Street, south on 28th Avenue NE and along NE 83rd Street continuously to Ravenna Ave NE where new sidewalks and bike lanes were recently completed (thanks to Wedgwood Community Council Trustee, Gretchen Bear).

Looking westward past the front door of Wedgwood Elementary, we can see sidewalk work.

Use caution when traveling through the intersection of NE 85th Street and 30th Avenue NE due to construction activity.

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