Veraci Coming Soon

Executive Chef/Founder Marshall Jett (at left) and Paul Dieter, Mobile Operations Manger of Veraci Pizza are remodelling the building at 7320 35th Ave NE for opening.

Remodeling is underway at 7320 35th Ave NE where Veraci Pizza hopes to be open for business in March 2016.

Veraci Pizza’s Executive Chef and Founder, Marshall Jett, pictured at left, is very excited to expand the brand to Wedgwood.  Veraci’s current location is at 500 NW Market Street in Ballard.

At 7320 35th Ave NE there will be a wood-burning oven with a clay dome, and all fresh-made food.  Hours will be 11 AM to 9 PM, lunch and dinner will be served in the dining area.  The pizza will be Neapolitan-style thin crust, all-natural ingredients, with fresh pasta on the menu, too.  In addition to sit-down dining, there will be grab-and-go food.

Veraci Pizza’s building which is now being remodeled has a storied history as it was originally built as a Dairy Queen in 1964.  The longest-term tenant was Domino’s Pizza.

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