Sand Point Way NE March 2016 Update

Here is the latest update from Seattle Department of Transportation on the repair work which has closed Sand Point Way NE between NE 65th and 95th Streets.  A section of the road and its adjacent retaining wall are being repaired and water mains are being restored.

Since the last project update two weeks ago, considerable progress has been made on both the new retaining wall and on the new water main. The retaining wall timber structure has been fitted with drain mats and connection studs, in preparation for the concrete surface covering.

The new 16-inch diameter water main has been installed, pressure tested and treated with a chlorine solution. The water in the new line has been successfully tested, and the new line will now be connected to the rest of the system and the temporary bypass line will be removed. Service connections for the half dozen residences next to the project are planned for Monday, March 21.

As soon as the new water main is in service the bypass will be removed and the surface of the roadway will be replaced.

At this time we still anticipate reopening Sand Point Way NE for traffic in the southbound direction by April 2. Please note however that the remaining work is somewhat weather dependent and subject to delay.

Restoration of traffic in the northbound direction requires the replacement of the surface of the roadway on the eastern side, and completion of the new retaining wall, plus re-installation of the previously removed utility poles and guard rails. At this time Seattle Department of Transportation fully expects to complete this work and reopen Sand Point Way NE to northbound traffic by early May. Thank you for your continued patience.

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