See Wedgwood Turn Green on Saturday

Spring Clean work parties begin at 9 AM on Saturday, April 23rd.

Weed whacking at Wedgwood's Future Park

Weed whacking at Wedgwood’s Future Park

Wedgwood’s hard-working volunteers will be out in force at two locations on Saturday’s Spring Clean  from 9 to noon.  Meet Wedgwood Community Council volunteers at the Picnic Place, 35th Ave NE at the corner of NE 86th Street, and hear what’s going on with activities.

We will begin with some sprucing up at this future-park site, while at the same time, a work party will also be underway at the corner of NE 85th Street nearest to Ravenna Ave NE in “western Wedgwood.”  Please do feel free to join in with the work parties.

At the Ravenna site you will need to wear heavy work gloves and shoes or boots to work in a muddy area.  Suggested tools to bring are clippers and spades.  Volunteers will trim overgrowth, remove dead wood, compacted plant debris and blackberry vines,   Plenty of parking for volunteers’ cars is available on 21st Ave NE just south of NE 85th Street.

Keep Wedgwood green!

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