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Tony Frego, president of the Wedgwood Community Council, whacked weeds for Spring Clean on April 23.

Tony Frego, president of the Wedgwood Community Council, whacked weeds for Spring Clean on April 23.

In addition to this website, the Wedgwood Community Council has an electronic newsletter which comes out whenever there is something interesting going on in the neighborhood.  You can sign up to receive the electronic newsletter as a e-mail which will contain links back to the full articles on this WCC page.  Recent newsletters have announced events such as the Spring Clean on April 23 and the Plant Sale coming up on April 30th.

Other recent announcements in the electronic newsletter have included business changes such as new restaurants which are in-process to open, such as Veraci Pizza and the renamed Cherry Blossom BBQ.   This Spring, a new coffee shop called Seattle Sunshine Coffee will open at 5508 35th Ave NE.  Stay tuned for a new food venue at the former Ying’s Drive-In at 8500 Lake City Way NE, the Growler Guys franchise.

What’s going on at the vacant property at 8038 35th Ave NE?  Our active Wedgwood Community Council volunteers keep apprised of land use issues in the neighborhood.  We have talked to the new owner of 8038 about redevelopment plans, and updates will be posted on this webpage as we get them.

Uncle Wedgwood cartoon March 1988 by Bob CramWe also post news and info updates on the Facebook and Twitter accounts of the Wedgwood Community Council.

You don’t have to be a member of the Wedgwood Community Council to receive the electronic news, but really, why wouldn’t you want to sign up to be a member???

Membership in the WCC shows support for advocacy on issues such as land use, business changes, park acquisition, Greenway, street and traffic projects and everything that contributes to a great neighborhood.

Do you want more info about participating in WCC as a volunteer?  Let us know at or post a comment here about your issues of concern in Wedgwood.

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