May Day Precautions

For the past few years on May 1st, various organizations and individuals have chosen to participate in coordinated and impromptu protests in downtown Seattle.

May Day riotsIn some years, May Day protest demonstrations have led to property damage and aggressive behavior which made residents, employees, business and property owners concerned for their safety in downtown Seattle.  Crowds of people have sometimes obstructed traffic and have moved to other nearby areas such as Capitol Hill.

This May Day, the Seattle Police Department will be on alert to ensure that the time, place and manner of any protest demonstrations do not result in risk to individuals or property.  If individuals begin initiating violence, law enforcement will give three warnings. If the warnings are ignored, they will take action to disperse the crowd.

Consider your plans for Sunday, May 1st and whether your activities for the day will take you through or near downtown.  Watch news media and stay informed about the protest to ensure that you are aware of activities that may occur near and around you.


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