Is Your Garden Ready for Summer?

City of Seattle water rates will increase on Monday, May 16 to the “summer rate.”  You can save water and reduce costs by preparing your yard and garden for hot weather.

watering canTake these steps to prepare your garden for the warm summer months:

• Create healthy soil by adding compost. Healthy soil makes healthy plants, and healthy plants require less water.

• Add two to three inches of wood chip mulch to shrub and tree beds. Adding mulch reduces the need for watering.

• Avoid planting new plants in the summer. New plants get the best start when planted during fall or spring rains.

• Give your plants just the right amount of water.  Get seasonal watering tips about what watering systems will work the best for your lawn or garden, while saving costs..

• Irrigate with a rebate. For in-ground irrigation systems, purchase a WaterSense irrigation timer and receive a $100 rebate.

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