Wedgwood’s New Food Truck

The Black Star Kebab food truck opened in Wedgwood on Tuesday, July 5, at the Picnic Place, corner of NE 86th Street in Wedgwood.

Blackstar Kebab food truck operator Priestwick SackeyfioIf you have an appetite for spicy food, Black Star Kebab is for you!  Featured foods are meat skewers, rice and fried plaintains.  The black star is a reference to the flag of Ghana in West Africa, home of proprietor Mr. Priestwick Sackeyfio..

UPDATE of July 22:  The food truck initiative was brought to you by the hard-working volunteers of the Wedgwood Community Council, who worked with the paperwork to bring a food truck to this Parks Department-owned site of a future park.  However, the Black Star Kebab proprietor was not satisfied with the site and he has not been coming on a regular basis.  He does still operate at Magnuson Park and you can find him there on many days.

Picnic tables are available at the NE 86th corner site in Wedgwood for anyone to use and Wedgwood neighbors are encouraged to gather there.  The Wedgwood Community Council has also been holding outdoor meetings at the site such as the planning group for a special event in Wedgwood on September 17th.  This is a new activity in place of the Outdoor Cinema which was held in previous years.  If you would like to get involved with planning activities, contact us at

A lively group of Wedgwoodians met to plan for activities and special events.

Wedgwoodians met at the Picnic Place, corner of NE 86th Street, to plan activities and special events.





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