Trees for Neighborhoods 2016

Free trees are available from the City of Seattle’s residential tree planting project.  Applications will be accepted through Wednesday, August 10th.

Autumn in WedgwoodTrees for Neighborhoods is the City of Seattle’s residential tree planting project. Since 2009, Trees for Neighborhoods has helped Seattle residents plant over 6,300 trees in their yards and along the street. .

Trees for Neighborhoods participants receive:

  • Free trees (up to 4 per household, lifetime max of 8).
  • A watering bag & mulch for each tree
  • Training on proper planting and care
  • Assistance applying for street tree planting permits
  • Ongoing care reminders and future pruning workshop opportunities
  • Must attend a planting and care workshop in Autumn 2016

How to Apply:

  1. Take time to evaluate potential planting sites on your property. Read the planting considerations. Consider attending a Trees for Neighborhoods Tree & Site Selection Workshop to learn how to select the right tree for the right spot in your yard. Reserve your spot today!
  2. Review the 2016 tree list here. Pay attention to the mature size of the trees and their needs for sun. Select trees that will have room to grow to maturity. If you have the space, please consider planting a larger stature tree.
  3. Apply for trees starting Monday, July 18th through the online application, available on the webpage. This year’s application is a lottery; applications will be accepted between July 18th until August 10th. NOTE- there is no longer any benefit to submitting your application early. All applications will be processed once the first lottery round closes on August 8th. If trees are still available following this first lottery round, we’ll announce a second lottery round for remaining trees that will open in mid-August. Learn more about the new application process here.

If your application is approved, you will sign up to attend a planting and care workshop next fall to pick-up your trees.

Need assistance planting your new tree? We offer delivery and planting help to participants who need physical assistance or lack access to a vehicle. To inquire about this service, please call 206-684-3979 or email

Upcoming Tree & Site Selection Workshops on July 20 and 25:

Learn how to select the right tree for the right place around your home. Attend a Trees for Neighborhoods Tree & Site Selection Workshop in July. At the workshops we’ll talk about right tree, right place and help answer your tree and site selection questions, including the following:

  • Where’s the best location to plant a tree in my yard or planting strip?
  • Which tree is right for me?
  • How do I get a permit for a street tree?
  • How does Trees for Neighborhoods work?

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