Wednesday Morning News Reports

On Wednesday morning, August 3, there was a little too much excitement in Wedgwood.

The first event of Wednesday morning was at the Javasti Cafe when workers arrived to find a broken pipe which had flooded the floor.  Repairs were quickly made and the coffee soon flowed again.

Police ShieldLater in the morning there was an attempted robbery of the pharmacy at Rite-Aid, 8500 35th Ave NE.  By noontime the Seattle Police Department had posted on Twitter that the suspect was apprehended.  The search for the suspect was the reason why helicopters were seen over Wedgwood.  Meanwhile, the robber had gotten away and had proceeded to hold up a pharmacy in Lake City (location info sounds like Bartell’s at NE 125th Street).

Here is the follow-up report on the SPD Blotter Page with the full story that the robber also was in Lake City.

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This morning’s Tweet as originally posted:  King County Sheriff’s Office helicopter was over the Wedgwood neighborhood. Rite-Aid robbery suspect was caught.

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