Is Seattle an Owner or Renter City?

A recent analysis of Seattle demographic info indicates that smaller households among Seattle renters means that they are not yet in the majority as to total numbers.

Seattle Times writer Gene Balk/FYI Guy shows that more than half of Seattle housing units are rentals, but the total number of people living in homes that they own, is higher.  This may be because more renters are single people without children, and more homeowners are families with children, causing the total number of people to count as higher.

Owner or renter graphic from Seattle Times.August 6 2016

Data from the US Census indicates that renters are younger (under age 35) and may not have been in Seattle as long as homeowners.  Both renters and owners can claim to be in the majority in Seattle, depending upon which data you use.  We can ponder how our city can best be represented by those from both perspectives.

Owner or renter info chart from Seattle Times.August 6 2016

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