Home Burglaries in Wedgwood

Be alert to what’s happening on your block, and network with neighbors to watch out for one another.

burglar cartoonAs reported recently on Nextdoor and on the Wedgwood Blockwatch page, a house break-in occurred in Wedgwood without any neighbors noticing the unusual activity.  Summer is a good time to get to know your neighbors and network to watch out for one another.  Be able to identify cars and be alert to activity at a time when your neighbor is not home.  Here is the recent report:

As posted on Nextdoor:

Our house was broken into last night on 82nd at 32nd sometime before 10:30 PM. They crowbarred the back door and bypassed larger-ticket items seemingly looking for just jewelry, cash, and prescription drugs. We called the police and they said there have been a string of burglaries like this in Wedgwood and to continue to report abnormalities or suspicious people. Unfortunately they were gone by the time we got home so no description of a person or vehicle. I have reported this information to the police.

Hey, Block Watch,

This is happening all too often lately. Time to rev up your neighborhood Block Watch.

It can’t be said STRONGLY ENOUGH: If you see something that makes you suspicious — a car cruising slowly down the block in the dark with its lights off, someone walking down the block looking in windows and checking doors — call 9-1-1. You will not be “bothering” the police. That’s what they are here for. Having a police cruiser drive through your neighborhood could well be a deterrent to more crime.

You don’t need to make the decision about whether the incident is important enough to call about. The operators at 9-1-1 are trained to ask you questions and determine if a cruiser should be sent. That’s their job, not yours. If the word “suspicious” comes into your head, just do it: Call 9-1-1. If you don’t want to do it on your own behalf, do it for your neighbors. That’s what Block Watch is all about.

Then be a good witness, the best you can be. Take note of make, model, and color of the vehicle. Get a license number. If you can be discreet, get a photo. Be able to describe the clothing, actions, height, weight, and race of the individual you are watching.

Yes, the police have their priorities, and an active crime involving a person will take precedence. But alerting the police to increased property-crime activity in your neighborhood can help them prioritize their patrols.

Take care,
Wedgwood Neighborhood Blockwatch

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