Tour of Modern Sacred Spaces in Wedgwood

On Saturday, September 10th, there will be tours of two modern architectural churches in Wedgwood, Our Lady of the Lake and University Unitarian.  The tour fee is $10 inclusive of both sites.

The organization which documents and highlights modern architecture, DoCoMoMo-WEWA, will host a tour of two churches in Wedgwood on Saturday, September 10th.  Tour cost is $10 and is payable at the first site, 1 PM at Our Lady of the Lake at 8900 35th Ave NE.  After a one-hour tour there, the tour group will go to University Unitarian on 35th Ave NE at the corner of NE 68th Street (diagonally across the intersection from the Northeast Branch Library.)

Modern Sacred Spaces is Docomomo WEWA’s event series showcasing religious structures built by different faith communities in the mid-20th century. The buildings represent innovative efforts by postwar architects and engineers to create spiritual places of light and form using new materials and construction techniques.

The tour guide is Dr. Tyler S. Sprague, Assistant Professor of Architecture and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Washington.

Our Lady of the Lake south side of building

Our Lady of the Lake south side of building

Meet at Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church, 8900 35th Ave NE.  Completed in 1961 and designed by the firm of Gotteland and Koczarski, Our Lady of the Lake was located in the post-war neighborhood which had acquired the name “Wedgwood.”

Docomomo WEWA Board member Dr.Tyler Sprague will discuss the church’s unique architectural and structural engineering features. Members of the congregation will be present to speak about the experience of celebrating inside their sacred space.

Next up is a visit to University Unitarian Church at 6556 35th Ave NE, just over one mile south of Our Lady of the Lake. Completed in 1959, UUC represents one of Paul Hayden Kirk’s early large-scale works for which he and his associates, Donald Wallace and David McKinley, won the AIA (Seattle) award. The church will be open for us from 2:15 – 3:45 pm. A program will take place at 2:30 pm followed by a casual tour. We’ll learn about church’s proposed master plan from a congregation member.

University Unitarian Church at NE 68th Street

University Unitarian Church

The event fee is $10 and covers both sites—please pay at the door at Our Lady of the Lake (check, cash or credit card). All tour fees go toward future programs.

Parking is available on-street or in the surface lots of both churches. Please do not leave your vehicle at Our Lady of the Lake’s parking lot if you plan to visit UUC after because Our Lady of the Lake will be in use again after our visit.


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