Traffic Data for NE 75th Street

Traffic flow data for NE 75th Street shows that this arterial in Wedgwood has volumes in excess of 16,000 car trips each weekday.

The most recent traffic flow data and maps from the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) are from the year 2014.  The map shows that the average number of weekday car trips is more than 16,000, with volumes rising to 22,000 or more near the intersection of NE 75th and Roosevelt Way NE, where there is a southbound freeway on-ramp.

After state highways like Lake City Way NE, and NE 45th Street through the University District and Wallingford, NE 75th Street in Wedgwood is next-highest in weekday traffic volumes.  Keep in mind that Eckstein Middle School is on NE 75th Street and drivers need to take extra care to watch out for students.  The high volume of traffic on NE 75th Street means that we all need to allow enough time to get where we want to go, slow down, keep cool and keep safe.

NE 75th Street traffic volumes.2016

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