Slow Down, Wedgwood: Proposal for Speed Limit Reduction

UPDATE:  The proposal was approved at City Council.  A speed-limit reduction proposal was approved in committee and will advance to presentation at the full Seattle City Council on Monday, September 23rd, at 2 PM.

Speed limit 20 is plenty signThe proposed speed limit on residential side-streets would be 20 miles per hour. On “unsigned arterials” like 40th Ave NE where there are no speed limit signs posted, the default speed limit would be 25 miles per hour.  “Default” means that, seeing no speed limit signs on an arterial street, a driver must assume the lower speed of 25.

On 35th Ave NE which is a signed arterial, the speed limit posted is 30 and that would not change, and the same with NE 75th and 95th Streets which are also posted 30 miles per hour.

The full text of the Vision Zero 20/25 Speed Limit Proposal is here.  The justification for the proposal is that studies have shown that lower speed limits lead to fewer accidents.  Wedgwoodians are encouraged to e-mail City Councilmembers for Districts 4 and 5, Rob Johnson and Debora Juarez, to give your yes/no on the proposal for speed limit reduction.

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