Predicting Winter Weather: Warm November = Snowy Winter?

The Seattle Weather Blog has proposed a correlation between warm weather in November, and greater snowfall later in the winters in Seattle.

According to the Seattle Weather Blog, these are the years of greatest snowfall and the corresponding top five warmest months of November:

snow-on-the-street1. 1965, 22.9″

2. 1949, 63.5″

3. 2008, 23.3″

4. 1995, 11.0″

5. 1954, 13.4″

A new high temperature record was set today, November 7, 2016, at 66 degrees, breaking the most recent record set in the year 2008.  Will snow in 2016-2017 break a record as well?

Begin to think now about your winter plans, emergency preparedness and how you will get around in the event of snow.  What plans are in place for your children if schools are cancelled due to snow?  Will you go to work or work from home?

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