More Sidewalks for Safe Routes to Wedgwood School

Back in the year 2011, Wedgwood Community Council trustee Katie Traverse submitted an application to the City of Seattle for sidewalks around Wedgwood School.  Now at last, the final segment of the sidewalks are to be constructed in early 2017.

Looking west on NE 83rd Street, we see construction equipment being staged for beginning work on January 9th.

Construction will begin on January 9, 2017 for sidewalks from 28th Ave NE, down NE 83rd Street to Ravenna Ave NE at the bottom of the hill.  The sidewalk will be on the north side of NE 83rd Street crossing the driveways of homes, which has required extensive coordination with residents on that street.

The construction will last about four months, depending partly upon weather conditions, and there will be traffic restrictions.  Through-traffic will not be allowed on NE 83rd Street during work on that block.

Additional sidewalk segments will be built on 28th Ave NE between NE 82nd to 83rd Streets, and on the west side of Ravenna Ave NE at NE 83rd Street.

Construction updates will be posted on the project page and you can sign up there to receive notifications via e-mail.

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