Sidewalk Projects Update: Work Scheduled for January 25 through 31, 2017

Wedgwood has two sidewalk construction projects in process:  one on NE 95th Street and another on NE 83rd Street near Wedgwood School.  Initial preparation work this week includes utility work, including relocation of the water meters of each house along the route.

On NE 95th Street, Seattle Public Utilities is working on relocation of water meters.  Meanwhile, a construction crew is demolishing the storm drainage system along the area where there will be a new sidewalk, and constructing retaining walls where needed.

On 28th Ave NE just south of Wedgwood School, crews will begin at the corner of NE 83rd Street to pour curbs and gutters.  Then sidewalk construction will begin at that corner at the top of the hill and will proceed down towards Ravenna Avenue NE.  Improvements will be made to the storm drainage system at the bottom of the hill where NE 83rd street adjoins Ravenna Avenue NE.

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