Snow Day in Wedgwood

With snowfall and school cancellations on Monday, February 6th, Wedgwoodians turned to sledding.

Sledding on the slopes near View Ridge Elementary School. Photo courtesy of Wedgwood Community Council president John Finelli.

Snowfall heavy enough to cause school cancellations is a rare event in Seattle, and we never know how long the snow will last.  But in the meantime, Wedgwood schoolyards became neighborhood sledding sites and a good time was had by all.

While daylight lasts, take time to check over your emergency supplies such as flashlights, emergency contact numbers, and food such as snack bars and bottled water.  While no power outages were reported in Wedgwood during the day on Monday, it is good to be prepared in case the electricity goes off.

Power outages can be caused by trees or branches which pull down power lines.  To report a downed tree that is blocking a city street or sidewalk, please call SDOT’s 24/7 Dispatch Center at 206-386-1218.

Sometimes a car will run into a power pole which can cut off power for many blocks.  Here is the power outage map.  If your electricity is off, see if you can identify the cause (such as a tree down on your street) and then call 684-3000.

Fields of snow on a no-school, all-play day. Photo courtesy of Wedgwood Community Council president John Finelli.

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