Concerns and suggestions for townhome development at 2101 NE 88th Street

Ahead of tonight’s design review meeting of the proposed townhome development at 2101 NE 88th Street, the Wedgwood Community Council submitted the following letter to the Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections.

To: Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections,

We, at the Wedgwood Community Council, respectfully submit the following to be entered into record as written comment regarding SDCI Project 3023106, and its physical address of 2101 NE 88th ST, Seattle, WA, 98115. We do not diminish the developer’s right to build on this land. Our aspiration is to bring attention to future impacts of not only the current residents that surround this parcel, but also the potential needs of the future community that will be calling this area home.

We encourage the Department of Construction and Inspections to thoroughly review the following concerns and suggestions:

  • The lack of open space due to the quantity of town homes being proposed. As the current plan reflects, these 18 structures are designed for maximum density and will impose adverse effects on the infrastructure surrounding the planned development. As currently designed the structures will not allow the residents any open space.
  • The limited access to NE 88th St. with the current ingress and egress of the parcel. The current entrance of 2101 NE 88th St. adequately serves its current residents, yet as this development will increase the number of residents, the traffic being served by one ingress and egress could pose substantial problems in the event of an emergency. The 138 vehicles expected with this development will increase traffic congestion and demand for parking on NE 88th St. and nearby roads.
  • Discuss providing a staircase at the western corner of the parcel. Given the proximity of King County Metro and Sound Transit bus stops near the project, please consider including a stair well on the western side of the parcel closest to Lake City Way. Adding a stairwell will help provide access for pedestrians to utilize these transit routes.
  • Expand green space to accurately accommodate new residents. With the capacity for structures included in this project at their maximum, there leaves little to no green space for the community to use. Please consider expanding the amount of green space to better serve the needs of future residents.

Thank you for your consideration to our requests,
John Finelli
Wedgwood Community Council President

As we have all noticed, development is coming to Wedgwood whether we agree with it or not. The WCC believes that we can all take steps to make sure any development in our neighborhood is as fitting and beneficial as possible.

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