Wedgwood Sidewalk Project: Concrete pouring begins on NE 83rd St

We have begun pouring concrete on NE 83rd St. Crews will be working to build new sidewalk and driveways along the length of NE 83rd St, beginning at the east end of the street and will work west down the hill towards Ravenna Ave NE. We expect this work to take as long as three days. After crews finish sidewalk and driveway work on NE 83rd, they will begin curb and gutter work on Ravenna Ave NE, as soon as March 28.

Driveway impacts
Crews began rebuilding driveways on NE 83rd St on March 23. We expect this work to take as long as three days. Sidewalk and driveway construction will temporarily restrict driveway access. For impacted residents who need access to cars during concrete work, we ask that you park on the street before work begins. We’ll maintain pedestrian access to homes at all times and crews will work directly with impacted residents to coordinate access as needed.

Traffic restrictions
Traffic restrictions are currently in effect, including local access only during work hours on NE 83rd St between Ravenna Ave NE, 28th Ave NE, and intermittent lane restrictions on Ravenna Ave NE in the project area. During construction on Ravenna Ave NE, a flagger will be present to maintain 2-way traffic.

Construction schedule updates

  • Sidewalk and driveway work began on March 23 on NE 83rd St
  • Ravenna Ave NE curb and gutter construction to begin as soon as March 28
  • Landscaping work to follow sidewalk construction, beginning as soon as April 5
  • Minor back-of-sidewalk finishing work may continue throughout April

Questions or concerns?
We’ve spoken to many residents about specific access needs or concerns during construction. Please don’t hesitate to contact us by emailing or by calling (206) 684-4747. We appreciate your patience during construction. Feel free to forward this email to others you think may be interested or share this link to sign up for email updates.

Rachel McCaffrey
Community Outreach Lead | 206-684-4747

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