NE 95th Street Sidewalk Construction Complete

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has announced that construction of the NE 95th St Sidewalk Project is now complete.

This project has:

  • added 1 block of new sidewalk on the south side of NE 95th St, between NE 32nd and 35th Streets
  • built new sidewalk corners and curb ramps at the intersection of NE 95th St
  • made drainage improvements on the south side of NE 95th St, between NE 32nd and NE 35th Streets
  • planted trees between the new sidewalk and the curb
  • preserved on-street parking on the south side of NE 95th St

There are still a few minor tasks to complete in the project area so you may still see crews at the site in the next coming weeks. Some of this will include:

  • Finish sign installation and road striping
  • Landscaping including planting trees and seeding for grass in the planting strip
  • The final stairway will be poured and the handrails will be installed on NE 95th St.
  • A temporary utility pole on the south side of 95th St. will be removed and concrete will be added to complete a small section of the sidewalk. The timeline of this portion of work is subject to the availability of utility crews. The sidewalk will have a temporary pathway installed to ensure safe use of the sidewalk for pedestrians during this transition.


Contact the project team at or 206-684-4747.

Thanks for your patience while SDOTĀ improves walkability in northeast Seattle!

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