Timeline for Wedgwood’s future park at Morningside Substation

Last September the City Council’s Parks Committee approved the 2017 Parks and Open Space Plan, which included funding for Wedgwood’s future park at the former Morningside Substation. Thanks to the Wedgwood Garden Club, we have a preliminary timeline for the park’s planning, design, and construction.

Seattle Parks and Recreation is planning to start community outreach for the new Morningside Park at the corner of 35th Ave NE & NE 86th Street in April 2018. Planning and design are expected to take 1.5 to 2 years. Community input will be sought during the planning phase through community meetings, presence at neighborhood activities, etc. Seattle Parks and Recreation expects to propose three concepts, narrow them down to one, and then begin construction in late 2019 or early 2020.

The WCC will keep members and neighbors updated as we learn more, and as community outreach begins this spring.

3 Replies to “Timeline for Wedgwood’s future park at Morningside Substation”

  1. Thank you for keeping us informed. I’ve lived just blocks from the proposed park for 35 years. A concern is “how” you can then keep homeless persons from taking up residence there. ???

    Another concern is that a bike lane is being planned for the West side of NE 35th Ave. It would take away the necessary parking for those of us who daily go into these businesses when there is already a safer quieter bike lane on NE 39th Ave. (We’re not all bikers and are retirees now who need to use vehicles to walk miles.)

  2. I disagree with you, if the homeless camp there,just call the police at the number for non emergency. The bicycles need a dedicated path. And. 39 is not an arterial if you want to shop there are parking lots at

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