35th Ave NE Project: Construction Update (6/28/18)

The 35th Ave NE Project Outreach Team provided the following update on Thursday, June 28. 


Crews made progress this past week repairing sidewalks, replacing curb ramps, and starting pavement repairs on the east side of the street in Zone A (between NE 45th and NE 55th streets). Here’s a snapshot of what to expect in the coming week. Please see construction details below for more information.

  • Northbound 35th will be closed in Zone A. One lane southbound will remain open.
  • As early as July 6, crews will begin working on the west side of the street and the southbound lane will be closed in Zone A
  • Do you have trees or plants on your property or in the parking strip that hang over the sidewalk or the road? These need to be trimmed by July 12.
  • Storm drain replacement will start in Zone C in select locations

Construction Details

Zone A – Sidewalk and pavement repairs

This coming week, crews will continue work on the east side of the street in Zone A. Here’s what to expect:

  • The northbound lane will be closed between NE 45th St and NE 55th St around-the-clock while pavement repair continues. People driving northbound should use nearby arterials including NE 55th St and 40th Ave NE.
  • We’ll keep one lane open in the southbound direction in Zone A
  • If you need access to your driveway in Zone A, please approach from NE 55th St and use the open southbound lane. Flaggers will be available to help get you through the work zone to your driveway during active work.
  • Expect limited turns to / from 35th Ave NE and NE 45th Pl in Zone A. Some side streets will be local access only with intermittent closures near the work zone – people driving may need to use an adjacent arterial like NE 55th St during closures.
  • Some sidewalks need to be repaired in front of residential driveways. We will alert residents in advance of this work. During sidewalk repair work, crews will need to close access to your driveway for 4 days to allow the concrete to cure.
  • On-street parking is closed in Zone A. Some parking is allowed on the weekends on the east side of the street. Please read signs for details to avoid being ticketed or towed.
  • Expect construction noise, dust, and vibrations, including loud noise as crews cut and remove concrete
  • As early as July 9, crews will begin working on the west side of the street and the southbound lane will be closed in Zone A. Detours in Zone A will remain in place around-the-clock for several weeks.

For your safety and the safety of our crews and your neighbors, please drive slowly through the construction area and adjacent residential streets.

Zone A – Tree and plant trimming

  • As crews continue sidewalk work and begin to mobilize large equipment in the street, overgrown vegetation (tree limbs, shrubs, etc.) need to be removed from the right of way
  • Please prune trees and plants that hang over the sidewalk as well as tree limbs that hang 14 feet or lower over the street
  • If vegetation is not pruned, our crews will begin trimming starting July 12
  • Some privately-owned trees that are located in the planting strip may require permits before trimming. Here are some helpful links:

Zone C – Storm drain work

As early as July 9, crews will begin storm drain work in select locations in Zone C. Here’s what to expect:

  • Normal work hours from 7 AM to 5 PM, Monday – Friday
  • Crews will start storm drain work on the east side of the street near NE 65th St and move north
  • Please follow pedestrian detours around the work area
  • On-street parking will be temporarily restricted near the work area
  • Expect construction noise, dust, and vibrations, including loud noise as crews cut and remove concrete

We know construction can be disruptive and we’ll work to minimize impacts and get the work done efficiently. We’ll maintain pedestrian access to homes and businesses at all times. Please continue to eat, shop, and visit 35th throughout construction!

Construction work zones

Click to view a larger map and our construction factsheet

We’ve divided the project area into 3 work zones. Crews may work in multiple zones at once, but these work areas will help you know what, when, and where major work is happening.

  • Zone A: NE 45th St to NE 55th St (including coordination with 25th Ave NE Paving Project)
  • Zone B: NE 55th St to NE 65th St (no paving work, only street restriping)
  • Zone C: NE 65th St to NE 89th St

About the project

You can find more background about this project on our webpage, including how the new street design will better organize the street to improve safety for everyone. In addition to paving, this project includes:

  • Parking consolidation to east side of the street and removal of peak-hour parking restrictions
  • Bike lanes as designated in the Bike Master Plan
  • Some bus stop improvements and consolidation of stops to improve speed and reliability
  • Curb ramp upgrades and sidewalk repair in select locations

Stay informed

Please forward this email to those you think will be interested and encourage your neighbors, customers, or tenants to sign up on our webpage to receive construction updates by email.

We’re coordinating with other projects in your neighborhood to minimize impacts. See the links below to learn more about these projects.

  • 25th Ave NE Paving Project
  • NE 65th St Vision Zero Project


35th Ave NE Project Outreach Team
Seattle Department of Transportation
Construction information line: (206) 512-3950

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