What Next? Positively Contributing Towards an Equitable and Inclusive Wedgwood.

In September, the Wedgwood Community Council board members issued a statement honoring the Duwamish People – past and present – the current and ancestral lands of the Duwamish Tribe upon which our community lies. Additionally, we clearly affirmed the obvious yet necessary statement that Black Lives Matter. Finally, we acknowledged where we fell short in the past to actively foster a more equitable and inclusive Wedgwood. But these remain just words as was pointed out to us on Twitter.

Since issuing this statement, the WCC board has been considering what was within our capacity to help positively contribute towards a more equitable and inclusive Wedgwood.  We certainly are not able to undo centuries of systemic bias and racism, but we also are unwilling to do nothing. As a result, the board has committed to the following:

  • We will make social equity a standing agenda item in our monthly board meetings.
  • We will make a one-time $500 Real Rent payment to the Duwamish Tribe.
  • We are going to evaluate what level of on-going Real Rent contribution we can sustainably commit to.
  • And, we hope to educate our neighbors about the history of our community through storytelling.

These are just our next steps…not our final steps. There is much to do.  If you have recommendations or suggestions for actions we should consider, please leave them in the comments below. 

2 Replies to “What Next? Positively Contributing Towards an Equitable and Inclusive Wedgwood.”

  1. The Real Rent payment is real action. Money counts. Now to encourage greater density to making housing more available. Actively encourage DADU and ADU development. Support the BLOCK project initiative for tiny homes in backyards for people living unsheltered. Support respectful cleanups of tent camps in surrounding neighborhoods. No one looks to live with garbage but without city pickup, how does a person without a car get rid of their garbage. Support the continued use of shower facilities at Meadowbrook Community Center for people without shelter. Teach the racist and anti-semitic history of this area via covenants, WW2 internment actions, and businesses (“Coon’s Inn” on Lake City Way for example.)

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