A Fruitful Community

This is a guest post from Bernedette H.

In the Spring, Summer and Fall months while riding my bike or walking around the Wedgwood neighborhood I love to see what people are growing in their gardens.  My husband and I have lived here for over 15 years and it’s been great to see so many of our neighbors install garden boxes and plant all kinds of crops.  I love seeing what people are growing!

I’ve never really paid attention to our neighborhood fruit trees, other than to avoid getting hit by falling fruit or riding my bike around the fruit I see on the ground.  We do have many large and lovely fruit trees in our neighborhood.  I look up and I’m amazed at the abundance of  fruit right there above my head.  When I look up I’m reminded of all the sun, rain and nutrients that the tree has soaked up to produce tasty fruit and for it to fall on the sidewalk unconsumed seems wasteful.

While reading the Sunday paper recently, I came across a short article about a local nonprofit food justice organization called City Fruit.  City Fruit is working to build community and fight hunger with our many fruit trees in Seattle as the source. You can find out more information about how to care for your fruit trees or access fruit tree services, volunteer in public orchards, register your fruit tree, and or get fruit from their neighborhood pop-up fruit stands by checking out their website at www.cityfruit.org.  Register your tree by July 31st to be added for this year’s harvest schedule.

We love to grow edibles in Wedgwood and here is an opportunity to share with your neighbors and our greater community.  As the saying goes “Good fences make good neighbors” and I say long tables make great communities.

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