Behind the Scenes Progress on Wedgwood’s Future Park Site

Last week, a couple of signs popped up at the land-banked park site at 35th Ave NE and NE 86th Street. The two signs indicate the progress that has been and is occurring behind the scenes which we mentioned in our February update on the park. Despite the budget for design and construction being eliminated and the development of Wedgwood’s future park site put on hold, the Seattle Parks and Recreation Department (Parks) has continued the necessary permitting of the project.

First, a large informational sign was installed on-site summarizing the project status and indicating that Parks is ‘working to finalize the permitting and secure future funding for construction (of the park).” It also notes that the Seattle Park District included $1,273,388 for the planning, design, and construction of this site for a park.

The second sign posted on-site is smaller but exemplifies the progress Parks is making on the project permitting. That smaller sign is a copy of the city’s Determination of Non-Significance (DNS) for the construction of the future park site. The DNS is the decision document issued by the City under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) and is a requirement for these types of land use projects. A SEPA Checklist was completed by Parks on behalf of the project, leading to the analysis which supports the DNS. Those who have questions, comments, or concerns about the SEPA decision have until December 8, 2021 for them to be considered. Please see the DNS linked above for contact information. Questions should be directed to David Graves with Parks whereas those interested in appealing the SEPA decision should contact the Office of the Hearing Examiner.

We are grateful for this progress and to see in big green text on their informational sign the commitment from Parks to identify funding for construction. We are eager to have this long-sought park site finally developed (preferred park site concept below) and gather as a community there when it is complete.

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