Roosevelt High School: Beyond Black and White – UPCOMING DOCUMENTARY FILM PREMIERE (MONDAY, JAN 31ST, 7PM)

A group of Roosevelt High School alumni, following the murder of George Floyd, began meeting to discuss their experiences with racism. Ultimately these informal discussions evolved into the Roosevelt Alumni for Racial Equity…or RARE.  Upon their formation, RARE first setup a scholarship to fund 2 economically disadvantaged students of color at Roosevelt pursue higher education.  Additionally, RARE has produced a documentary film titled “Roosevelt HIhg School: Beyond Black and White” which debuts online on Monday, January 31st, at 7PM (register here).

The film, which can be previewed below, delves into past issues of race at Roosevelt High School including the city’s history of busing programs targeting integrated education as well as racims challenges that Seattle schools like Roosevelt face today.  Immediately following the film debut will be a Q&A with a panel of students, parents, staff, alumni, RHS Principal “Q” Hollins, and Seattle Public Schools Board President Brandon Hersey.  Make sure to register for a Zoom link to the film premiere.


We are thrilled that folks with RARE will be joining our February board meeting on February 1st at 7PM.  Details for that board meeting will be shared soon.

Please help spread the word of this film premiere, which will be accompanied by discussion questions and a curriculum guide for those interested in using the film as a teaching opportunity.

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