Wedgwood Ale House Closing on December 28th

Update: A statement has been provided by the future Wedgwood Ale House owner who plans to reopen following renovations.

The Wedgwood Ale House is set to close its doors on December 28th.  This sad news comes on the heels of the recent closures of the Wedgwood Thai and Bryant Cafe.  We understand that the new owner of the property is not renewing the current lease and so the Wedgwood Ale House will be closing its doors before the end of the month.  This means that Kip and the longtime employees will also be out of work.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to raise money for the employees who recently found out they will be losing their jobs.

Valarie at the Wedgwood in Seattle History blog also has a post about the Wedgwood Ale House’s untimely closure and great information about the history of ale houses and taverns on that site.

Please keep Kip, the owner, and his employees in your thoughts over these next few weeks.  Stop by for their delicious food, toast the staff, and enjoy your last few weeks with them as our neighbors!

4 Replies to “Wedgwood Ale House Closing on December 28th”

    1. Hi Carol. It isn’t clear from our post (we will update it), but the new owner has said they are going to reopen following a renovation. But the community within the ale house will likely be impacted. Our understanding is that the current operator and perhaps the staff may not return.

      1. Per, the owners of the building are either lying or completely unaware of the law. They didn’t buy the business—that was not for sale. They bought the building. The business goes with Kip, who, along with his entire staff, was issued a notice to vacate by the end of the year. The building owner is acting in bad faith and if he chooses to try to open under the name Wedgwood Ale House and Cafe, he would be doing that illegally and could be sued.

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