A Meeting with Sanjay Sharma – Future Owner of the Wedgwood Ale House Building

On Monday (yesterday), I had the opportunity to meet with Sanjay Sharma, the future owner of the Wedgwood Ale House building, to learn more about his plans for the property he officially takes ownership after the new year.  To the extent possible, I am intentionally leaving out matters between the Wedgwood Ale House owner, Kip Caputo, and the future property owner.

This post is intended to help communicate expected changes at the property, for the community’s benefit, and is not intended to be an advertisement.

Mr. Sharma intends to remodel the Wedgwood Ale House building beginning in early January 2024 after he takes ownership of the property.  At our meeting, Mr. Sharma shared the construction plans for his remodel which he is in the process of finalizing all permits and approvals for.

As part of the remodel, what we know as the Wedgwood Ale House front dining room and kitchen will be separated into a standalone restaurant space, which Mr. Sharma is currently planning on calling the “Wedgwood Cafe” and not the “Wedgwood Ale House.”  The plans for this new Wedgwood Cafe retains the familiar curved bar and general floor plan of the Wedgwood Ale House front dining room, although virtually everything will receive updates.  Updates will also come to the front patio and facade of the restaurant.

According to Mr. Sharma, he does not plan on operating this Wedgwood Cafe space and is interested in leasing out this space to a different operator.  When asked, Mr. Sharma said that he would be willing to lease the space to the current Wedgwood Ale House operator, Mr. Caputo.  However, he also mentioned that other chefs and prospective operators have expressed interest as well.  If for some reason he isn’t able to find an operator for the Wedgwood Cafe space, he is prepared to operate that restaurant himself.

Behind the future Wedgwood Cafe space, where the back dining room and pool hall is located, Mr. Sharma intends to convert that space into 3 separate kitchens that provide walk-up/take-out food service.  One kitchen would offer Indian cuisine, another would offer Indo-Chinese cuisine, and a third would serve pizza (traditional and Indian).  Mr. Sharma will operate all three of these kitchens.

Mr. Sharma stressed that the renovation of the Wedgwood Ale House is necessary in order to bring the building and its facilities up to current building, fire, and health codes.

8 Replies to “A Meeting with Sanjay Sharma – Future Owner of the Wedgwood Ale House Building”

    1. It depends on who operates the remodeled space. As there is no signed tenant/operator for the front “Wedgwood Cafe” space, we don’t know.

    2. It doesn’t matter what it will be. Unless Kip and the loyal employees who have given an average of 18 years of their lives to the Ale House and the Wedgwood community retain full control of the Ale House, I won’t step foot in whatever Sharma intends to call the new place. And I bet the majority of Wedgwood residents are with me in that.

      1. I agree. We have been going to The Wedgwood Alehouse for over 30 years. There is no way I am stepping foot into any of those businesses if Kip isn’t running the business in the Alehouse space.

  1. It would be helpful if he communicated these plans with Kip, which he has not done.

    No one is disputing that the building needs upgrades. What people are upset about is the manner with which Sharma has conducted himself with Kip, the current staff, and the community of Wedgwood. Sharma has outright verbally abused members of the Wedgwood Ale House staff and has purposefully put them all out of work right in the middle of the holidays. Sharma is taking a decades-old traditional Wedgwood gathering space and trying to sell it to the highest bidder. If he cared even one iota for the community, he would have Kip & staff retain full control over the Wedgwood Ale House.

  2. I’ll believe it when I see it. As of now, as long as he’s running the space that should be the Wedgwood Ale House, we won’t step foot in there. And calling it the “Wedgwood Cafe” is a blatant attempt to trade on the history and goodwill built up over the last 30 years, and continues the pattern of not understanding the community and the impact the loss of the Wedgwood Ale House will have.

  3. As someone that has lived in Seattle when alot of this started (redevelopment) this seems like a weird hybrid. Why would the new owner not communicate with the person that has built up goodwill for the site over 20+ yrs. I have seen this before where people will forgive and forget if something is ok, in this case I think this is one of those classic cases of someone not reading the room. The community will not support the new place especially the parts where the owner is directly involved with the end product. This makes no sense but as we have all seen over the years people think they can do anything because they can. I can not even remotely see how the present owner of the Ale house would even remotely trust this person.

  4. Frankly I get the impression that Sanjay hopes this will all blow over and that we will happily patronize his new cafe. Our family has a long memory and there is no way I will step into any part of that building if Kip and his employees aren’t in the Alehouse space in front. The new landlord has time to make this right and be welcomed into the community but I don’t hold out much hope that Sanjay understands the love for the business and Kip.

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