An Update on the Remodel of the Former Wedgwood Ale House Building

On Sunday, I got a sneak peak of the significant remodel occurring at 8515 35th Ave NE, the former Wedgwood Ale House building.  I was invited by Sanjay Sharma, the new owner of the building, who walked me through his project.  As Mr. Sharma mentioned in his initial message to the community and my follow up meeting with him, he took ownership of the building around the start of 2024 and quickly began a project to convert the former Wedgwood Ale House space into 3 separate restaurant spaces.

Shortly after Mr. Sharma took ownership of the building, I had the opportunity to walk through space with him where he pointed out much-needed improvements needed to bring the building up to the current code.  The beloved Wedgwood Ale House was an institution in our neighborhood for many years.  Over those many decades, codes had changed and the building, which had been a tavern and ale house for many decades needed an update of its systems.

During my tour of the remodel, the floor plan that Mr. Sharma had shown me in our initial meeting and many of the needed repairs had begun to take shape.  The space has been framed in for 3 new restaurants and trenches have been jackhammered through the concrete floor to facilitate new plumbing and grease traps for each restaurant space.  The old bathrooms have been widened significantly and new bathrooms framed and plumed for the 2 additional restaurant spaces.  New electrical systems were being wired for the new spaces.  Much is still needed for the 3 new restaurant spaces to be ready to welcome patrons, but Mr. Sharma’s plans appear to be on-track with an opening currently planned for early May 2024.

The plans for two of the three restaurant spaces have been confirmed.  First, as previously mentioned, Mr. Sharma who owns and operates the Masala of India Cuisine in Northgate, intends to operate the new restaurant space on the east side of the building.  He will be serving traditional Indian food, Indian inspired pizza, and traditional pizza for takeout.  He will also operate a catering service out of this space.  The middle restaurant space will serve Indo Chinese food for takeout.  We do not have further details of who this operator might be or any other information at this time.  Mr. Sharma has not selected a tenant to operate the third restaurant space in the former Wedgwood Ale House dining room but does intend to make a decision in the near future in order for the space to open shortly after the remodel is complete.

There certainly has been a lot of change to this building over the last 3 months.  We hope that the community will welcome the 3 new restaurants opening in our neighborhood in a few months.

8 Replies to “An Update on the Remodel of the Former Wedgwood Ale House Building”

  1. Takeout creates an incredible amount of waste, even if using “compostable” packaging. Are there plans for sit down dining in these spaces or perhaps an alternative form of packaging such as allowing people to bring their own reusable containers? If not, sorry but this is hard pass for my family.

  2. Won’t be patronizing any of these restaurants if the Wedgwood Alehouse doesn’t return. Mr. Sharma could be the hero of the day if he lets Kip return to that space. I really miss the Alehouse and the community. We have definitely reduced the amount of time we spend in that area and now go out of neighborhood using our car.

  3. I will never step foot into that place unless the owner of the building leases the cafe back to Kip and the Ale House, and I bet at least 90% of Wedgwood is with me on that. What he did is reprehensible, and no amount of tours of the space can repair the damage he’s done to this community.

  4. Let’s get it straight, this guy is planning on running a “ghost kitchen” for doordash, Uber eats, etc. What a travesty for the neighborhood, another long time business gone without something worthwhile in its place. Wish we still had a hardware store as well.

  5. Update: the new owners of the building have ripped out the horseshoe bar. There’s no coming back from that. I will protest in front of this place forever to make sure no one ever goes in there and spends a dime there. Absolutely horrible.

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