WCC Bylaws

These are the bylaws as amended by a vote of the membership at the May 19, 2014 general membership elections.

I. Name VI. Boards and Committees
II. Purpose VII. Dissolution
III. Membership VIII. Rules of Order
IV. Officers IX. Amendments
V. Meetings Standing Rules


The name of this non-profit organization shall be the Wedgwood Community Council.


Sec. 1 To define appropriate action on problems of concern to the community by providing a public forum for the discussion of rights, stability, environment, preservation, safety and other timely needs.
Sec. 2 To maintain communication within the community relating to areas of concern and community action and to maintain communication with government bodies and agencies that have an effect on the community.
Sec. 3 To publicize, support, propose, or oppose actions, governmental or otherwise, that affects the community or its members and inform the appropriate body of the community concern.
Sec. 4 To be the official voice for the community and to join with other community organizations to study and influence issues of mutual concern.
Sec. 5 To participate in elections for public office by providing a non-partisan forum for discussion of issues and presentation of candidates.
Sec. 6 To present the Council’s position in public discussions, debate, or interviews only with prior approval by the Council or Trustees.


Sec. 1 The Wedgwood Community Council shall consist of its members, meeting and voting in a public forum on issues within the scope of its purpose, as described in Article II.
Sec. 2 Membership shall be open to all residents 18 and older within the Wedgwood Geographical Area (as described in the standing rules).
Sec. 3 Membership shall be open to one representative for each business, private or public organization, institution, or agency established within the community council area.
Sec. 4 Membership shall be open to all other persons, regardless of place of residence, who may apply for membership, pay membership dues and are approved by the Board of Trustees. Only people present and verified by the membership list who have contributed a donation, shall have the right to vote.


The officers of the community council shall be a President, a First Vice-President, a Second Vice-President, a Secretary and a Treasurer.

A. President shall:
1. Preside at all Board of Trustees and Community Council meetings and service as chief executive, coordinating all programs and business of the organization.
2. Prepare an agenda for each meeting.
3. Represent the Community Council before governmental entities as necessary. The President may assign the representation responsibility to a Vice-President or other members as appropriate.
4. Arrange for an annual audit of the Treasurer’s books.
5. Call special meetings.
6. Vote only in the case of a tie.
B. First Vice-President shall:
1. Assume the duties of the President during the absence or disability of the President, and shall carry out such other duties as the President or Board of Trustees may direct.
2. Maintain general membership lists and shall be Chairperson of the Membership committee.
3. Convene the nominating committee in January.
C. Second Vice-President shall:
1. Be Chairperson of the Communication committee.
2. Be in charge of public relations.
D. Secretary shall:
1. Issue notices for all Board of Trustees meetings (other than phone notices).
2. Maintain a permanent file of all minutes, unfinished business, and records utilized in the business of the organization.
3. Record the minutes of each meeting.
4. Be in charge of correspondence.
5. Have available committee membership lists.
D. Treasurer shall:
1. With the President or Vice-President have authority to co-sign checks.
2. Maintain accounting records, receive and disburse funds, and provide a full financial report at each meeting as Chairperson of the Finance Committee.
3. Prepare a budget.
Sec. 2 VACANCY: The Board shall have the authority to fill vacancies. The appointee shall serve until the next regular election.


Sec. 1 The Wedgwood Community Council shall hold a regular meeting around the second Wednesday of each odd numbered month. In an emergency, the President with the advice of the other officers may cancel a meeting.
Sec. 2 Official notice of annual and special meetings shall be by electronic mail, regular mail or personally delivered to members not less than five days nor more than 20 days prior to the meeting.
Sec. 3 Special meetings may be called by the President, or a majority of the Board of Trustees or not less than 15 members.
Sec. 4 On any issue within the purpose of the organization, the Community Council may, by majority vote, form a position to support, propose, or oppose any action.
Sec. 5 The Wedgwood Community Council shall have an annual meeting in May at which elections shall occur.  Elections may also occur by email or standard mail in the event no formal meeting is held or if a quorum is not achieved at the general meeting.
A. The time, place and agenda shall be determined by the Board of Trustees.
B. Items from the Wedgwood community and/or active membership may be brought to the Community Council to be included in elections, so long as they are consistent with the purpose of the Community Council as described in Article II, no later than the April monthly Board of Trustees meeting.
C. A quorum for elections shall be at least 25 votes form the active membership.


Sec. 1 BOARD OF TRUSTEES: shall consist of twelve trustees, herein after known as the BOARD OF TRUSTEES. Each year one-third (four) of the trustees shall be elected at the May annual meeting to serve the Council with duties and powers as follows:
1. Elect annually, from among its membership, the President, First Vice-President. Second Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
2. Make recommendations to the Community Council.
3. Serve no more than two consecutive three year terms.
4. Meet monthly, a majority constituting a quorum.
5. Manage all of the affairs of the Community Council.
6. Nominate candidates for the Board of Trustees.  The Board shall prepare a slate of candidates for election in May, and provide a short description of each candidate.
1. Establish special committees to study and report on issues of concern for public discussion and action by the Council.
2. Prepare a position paper and mail or email ballots in lieu of holding a special meeting.
3. Authorize various surveys and questionnaires for the community to determine needs and issues.
4. Recommend for Community Council action boundary changes by amendment of the Standing Rules.
Remove any Trustee missing three successive Board of Trustee meetings after written notification five days before proposed action.
Fill vacancies on the Board of Trustees. The appointee shall serve until the next regular election.
Sec. 2 COMMITTEES: The organization shall have the following standing committees: Membership, Finance, and Communications.
A. MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: shall, under the direction of the First Vice President, maintain the membership list and recruit new members.
B. FINANCE COMMITTEE: shall, under the direction of the Treasurer, be responsible for the budget and other fiscal matters as becomes necessary. The fiscal year shall be January 1st until December 31st.
C. COMMUNICATION COMMITTEE: shall, under the direction of the Second Vice President:
1. Work with all committees to enhance communication with the whole community on the various issues under study.
2. Be responsible for issuing all the notices for the Community Council meetings.
D. SPECIAL COMMITTEES: The Organization may form special committees as is necessary.


In the event the Community Council can no longer operate due to lack of interest or active participation of the community, or that it can no longer fulfill its objectives, the Board of Trustees shall have the authority, by two-thirds majority vote, to dissolve. Any remaining assets shall be donated to the charity or non-profit organization selected by a majority vote of the Board of Trustees with the exception of special funds. Special funds are those given for specific purposes and the restriction must be passed to the recipient.


The rules contained in Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern in all cases in which they are not inconsistent with the By-Laws.


Sec. 1 These By-Laws may be amended after proposed amendments have been distributed to voting members of the Council twenty (20) days before the scheduled meeting when such amendments are to be read. The By-Laws may be amended at the next meeting of the Council by two-thirds of the members present and voting.
Sec. 2 Standing Rules may be amended by majority vote of the members present after the above advance notification.


A. The Wedgwood Community Council shall serve the following area of Seattle:

NE 95th on the North, 45th Avenue NE on the East, NE 75th on the South, and on the West, a route consisting of 25th Avenue NE between NE 75th and NE 85th, west on NE 85th to Lake City Way, and Lake City Way north to NE 95th.

B. Four quadrants will be formed by drawing a line following NE 85th and 35th NE and will be numbered as follows:
C. The boundary may be adjusted by advance notice and a majority vote at a community council meeting, as described in Article IX.
Sec. 2 DUES
A. Effective June 1, 2013, suggested membership donations shall be determined by the BOARD OF TRUSTEES, by a two thirds majority vote.
B. Sources of income in addition to membership donations may be accepted upon approval of the Board of Trustees.