Apply to join the Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board

The Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board is accepting applications for several new members to help make walking in Seattle safer and easier. Applications are due by Friday, January 27, 2017. The board advises the Mayor and City Council, participates in planning and project development, evaluates policies, and makes recommendations to all city departments including SDOT. More information and application details can be found at

What is HALA?

For more than fifteen years now we have been hearing about urban villages and planning for more housing in Seattle, with Wedgwood never included in any “zoning maps” for greater density of buildings.  Now the Mayor of Seattle and the City Council are proposing to bring the Housing Affordability and Livability plans into practice in the year 2017.  This plan could include zoning regulations which would bring benefit to controlling what types of new buildings will come in along Wedgwood’s commercial district of 35th Ave NE.