Wedgwood Community Council includes several committees corresponding to major task and activity areas. Visit the committee pages for additional details and contact information.

Land Use »

Business WordCloudThe Land Use Committee tracks issues affecting the growth and development of Wedgwood and is the primary committee advancing the implementation of the Wedgwood Vision Plan.  It was the WCC’s Land Use Committee that initiated the proactive citizen-led planning process called The Future of 35th Ave NE.

If you like land use policy or speak fluent zoning code; know what the terms “glazing,” “mass,” or “articulation” mean; or have a general interest in land use in Wedgwood, please email » us.

Parks »

WCC trustees applied for Department of Neighborhoods funding to create the Picnic Place at the future park site, corner of NE 86th Street.

WCC trustees applied for Department of Neighborhoods funding to create the Picnic Place at the future park site, corner of NE 86th Street.

The Parks Committee is focused on improving Wedgwood’s parks and greenspaces. With voter-approved funds for park acquisition in Seattle, specifically including “Wedgwood northeast of Dahl Playfield,” the Parks Committee successfully worked with the Seattle Parks Department and Seattle City Light to acquire the former Morningside Substation for a future park at the northwest corner of the 35th Ave NE and NE 86th Street (read HERE, HERE, HERE, HEREHERE, and HERE).  In the interim while we wait for the development stage, a Picnic Place has been created at the site.

Additionally, the Parks Committee has advocated for a low-impact trail system through the Inverness Ravine to take advantage of the undeveloped greenspace and SDOT right-of-ways to increase the extent of accessible park space in Wedgwood (read HERE and HERE).  This trail system would improve access from Wedgwood to the Inverness neighborhood, the Burke Gilman Trail, and Matthews Beach to the east and improve access for the Inverness neighborhood residents to Wedgwood, local schools, and the 35th Ave NE business district.  To become more involved in the WCC Parks Committee, please email » us.

Events »

The Events Committee is responsible for coordinating our annual traditions such as the Wedgwood Outdoor Cinema, the Wedgwood Business Trick-or-Treat, plus our participation in other events such as the Wedgwood Art Festival.  If you have a passion for creating events and opportunities for community building and gathering or have ideas on other events, please email » us!

Transportation »

The Wedgwood Community Council advocates for safe streets.

The Wedgwood Community Council advocates for safe streets.

The Transportation Committee works towards improving the safety of the transportation infrastructure within Wedgwood to make it safer for pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers alike.  We often work cooperatively with the SDOT, the Northeast District Council, neighboring community associations, and others (e.g., NE Seattle Greenways) to effect positive change and improve safety and mobility for all Wedgwoodians.  If you’d like more information, please email » us!

Communications »

The Communications Committee uses several tools to inform and engage our community and decision-makers, including the Wedgwood Echo email listserve, this website, the WCC Facebook page, and the WCC Twitter feed.  If you are web-savvy, enjoy writing, dabble in blogging, or enjoy public relations and/or communications, then let us know!  We’d love to have you get more involved!  Email » us and we can chat.

Block Watch »

The Block Watch Committee serves as an organizing and communications function among the multitude of individual block watches in the neighborhood.