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The print version of the Wedgwood Echo, which was exclusive to WCC members, was ceased by the WCC in May 2012.  Anyone can now sign up for the new electronic Wedgwood Echo and have it emailed to your inbox on a monthly basis.  Sign up HERE.

Back Issues of the Wedgwood Echo

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May 2012: FINAL Print Version of the ECHO! Trustee elections; emergency preparedness drill; Wedgwoodian Fred Kane; upcoming Art Festival; Wedgwood Garden Group; Northeast Veterinarian; Summer Readings at the NE Branch Library; and neighborhood planning along 35th Ave NE.

March 2012: Wood Partners unveils Jasper; 3 new trustees include Brian Walker, David Grant, and Liz McGrath; mayor’s upcoming Wedgwood town hall; 35th Ave NE neighborhood planning underway; emergency preparedness grant and more!

January 2012: Defining the 35th Ave NE business district; a walk down 35th Ave NE with City staff and councilmembers; the flying house in Wedgwood; guest article on the “Donut Hole” from the Sarah Swanberg, President of the Ravenna-Bryant Community Association; meet Salon Divine; NE Library News; and much more.

October 2011: Emergency Preparedness Drill at the Hunter Farm Emergency HUB; Wedgwood Rock; In Memoriam: Frank Brancato and Cheryl Overstreet; meet Gene Clyde; Wedgwood’s DIY Fire Department; and much more.

September 2011: Hunter Farm Gathering Place Project Community Build; friends connect through the Echo after 73 years; challenges in home financing, WECAN Safety Project is awarded a grant from the City; Emergency preparedness in Wedgwood, the ongoing implementation of the Vision Plan; and much more.

July 2011: Hunter Farm Gathering Place Project update; Pandora’s Adult Cabaret update; Welcome from WCC new President, Brian Turnbull; Outdoor Movie (Fantastic Mr. Fox); JCC Property update; Happy Birthday to Wedgwood; Membership; and more.

May 2011: Farewell from the President, Wood Partners Plans for Former JCC Property, May general meeting, new trustee bios, State Senator Scott White (D-46), Pomegranate Center & Tully’s Coffee grant for Hunter Farm Gathering Place, park acquisition update, Cafe Javasti, Wedgwood Art Festival, more.

March 2011: JCC Property purchased, park acquisition site selection, March general meeting, online Echo archive, introduce WCC trustee Gretchen Bear, McLaughlin Realty Company, Wedgwood Garden Club, Ryther Child Center volunteers, more.

January 2011: Parks meeting, t-shirts, meet your neighbors, Zaw Pizza, Safeway remodel, Wedgwood history, Wedgwood Broiler, real estate, Councilmember Tim Burgess, Facebook page, library, Wedgwood Elementary auction, more.

November 2010: Sidewalks, grocery store history, Safeway remodel, historical property photos, Wedgwood QFC profile, meet your neighbors, garden group, Wedgwood Elementary, real estate, tent city, Livable Streets, more.

September 2010: Fatal QFC shooting, community meeting with Peter Steinbrueck, Vision Plan conclusion, Johnson’s Auto Repair profile, Ryther Child Center profile, more.

July 2010: Vision plan, outdoor cinema, art festival, Wedgwood Rock history and walk, Rose Chavez playground, meet your neighbors, real estate, Ryther Child Center, All That Dance, Sustainable NE Seattle festival, more.

May 2010: Trustee candidates, bylaws changes, Wedgwood boundary adjustment, Wedgwood Vision Project, park acquisition, garden group, North East Seattle Together, Wedgwood Elementary mascot and carnival, more.

March 2010: new park, Wedgwood history, neighborhood survey, Northeast Seattle Trails map, playground at Thornton Creek Elementary, Wedgwood Vision Project, garden group, bylaws, art festival, North East Seattle Together, 1953 Seattle Times excerpt, more.

January 2010: new trustees, Wedgwood history, Northeast Branch library, Wedgwood Vision Project, Wedgwood Green Scene, composting toilet, real estate advisor, raquet ball at Magnuson, more.