A Spat of Burglaries in NW Wedgwood

Maple Leaf Life is reporting that a “rash of burglaries” has occurred over the last several days according to a Block Watch group near the 77th block of 18th Ave NE.  According to the Block Watch captain, 5 burglaries have recently hit the area and the burglars appear to be “a pair of black men, usually wearing baggy clothes.” Another important reminder to stay alert and get involved with your local Block Watch group.

Lots of Important Meetings for Everyone Tonight

Perhaps everyone got around a table and decided to schedule lots of important meetings all on the same night just to keep things interesting.  However, if there’s an issue that’s near and dear to you, there’s probably a meeting about it tonight.  Here’s a non-comprehensive list of those meetings we’re aware of: Our monthly WCC trustees meeting is tonight. The NE District Council is hosting a City Council Candidates Forum tonight, from 7-9pm in “the Brig” building at Magnuson Park. Do you live on or around Ravenna Ave NE, between NE 85th Street and NE 92nd Street?  If so, there’s Read More …