Lots of Changes to Thornton Creek

NE Seattle has 1 of Seattle’s 4 salmon-bearing streams flowing through it, Thornton Creek.  The stream, who’s headwaters is the Ronald Bog in Shoreline at N 175th Street, flows through a highly modified system that had been increasingly encroached upon by construction of I-5 and Seattle’s northward expansion, as it makes its way to its confluence with Lake Washington at Matthews Beach.  However, its ever-encroached upon fate has been changing for Thornton Creek in the relatively recent.  Many local groups (e.g,. Thornton Creek Alliance), regulatory agencies, and City departments have begun efforts to restore the stream and its hydrograph, improve Read More …

Pacific Magazine features Wedgwood "guts-to-the-studs" remodel

The February 6, 2011 issue of Pacific Magazine in the Seattle Times features a major remodel of a Wedgwood home originally built by Albert Balch. “A Seattle 1940s box is reborn for the 21st century” by Valerie Easton describes how Linda Pruitt of The Cottage Company worked with architect Charlie Wenzlau of Bainbridge Island to make it happen. See the complete article on the Times website for more information and a slide show.