One Neighborhood’s Loss, Is Another’s Gain

At the end of March, our beloved local fiddler and civic activist Dass Adams, will once again take up his roots and head south to continue his civic engagement in the hotbed of activism lovingly known as Berzerkley. (Perhaps people’s park wields more power than we know.) Dass leaves us at the WCC thus ending this phase in the PNW and blazes a new path. Dass has navigated his way around the US as many of us reformed easterners have, starting in NY, a stint in DC, and Montana.

Councilmember Burgess attends WCC general meeting

Seattle City Councilmember Tim Burgess (center) after speaking to the Wedgwood community on November 10, 2010, with some current and former trustees of the Wedgwood Community Council. L to R: Jack Robinson (past president), Per Johnson (WCC land use chair), Kurt Westman (WCC president), Councilmember Burgess, Keeley Hozjan (WCC trustee), David Atcheson (past president), Scott Gordon (WCC trustee). Burgess discussed the city budget, land use, and other topics and said the Wedgwood Vision Plan got a lot of play at city hall.