No, Trader Joes is not coming to the Wedgwood Center Redevelopment…at least at this time.

Overnight, a sign went up to suggest that Trader Joes was coming to the former QFC location as part of the Wedgwood Center Redevelopment.  The date at the bottom of the sign should be the give away.  This April Fools joke has gone over better with some then others, but we can assure everyone that it is just a joke.

Many people in the community have shared their preference for which grocery store they would like to see as the anchor grocer for the Wedgwood Center Redevelopment (feel free to share yours in the comments below).  We understand that Security Properties is in discussion with a potential grocer for this site, but do not know who it is.  One could imagine a sign strung between two trees on-site would not be the “big reveal” this future grocer would plan though.  Security Properties has only confirmed that it will not be Kroger or Safeway, who are going through a large merger currently.

For the record, the Wedgwood Community Council had nothing to do with the sign or this joke.  But, this joke does illustrates our community’s strong feeling about a grocery coming back to this location with any future redevelopment.  We look forward to learning who the grocer will be in the (hopefully near) future along with everyone else.

9 Replies to “No, Trader Joes is not coming to the Wedgwood Center Redevelopment…at least at this time.”

  1. Time done will tell which grocery store we’ll get. I chatted with the developer’s spokesperson at the public meeting, and he sort of denied all of my suggestions. I realized afterwards that I’d not asked him about Whole Foods or Grocery Outlet: maybe we’ll get one of those.

    1. In fairness, apart from the Kroger, Safeway denial, they’re being very tight lipped around the grocer. I would expect they would deny who it was even if you had guessed correctly. Time will tell though, as you wisely say.

  2. I think seeing how someone spent so much money on this banner, you can tell how bad the neighborhood wants a TJs. It’s way too small for a Whole Foods. This is probably the same size as the University TJs.

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